Blacktree & Upfield Community Food + Project is a voluntary community based project to support people or families who are experiencing hardship and issues relating to poverty. There is a growing need for the provision due to the welfare reform act, increase in food and fuel prices. The project is available to local residents and can provide a level of food provision, housing support, health advice, employment advice, debt advice, family support, early years support and access to a Local Councillor.

I would like to thank our wonderful team of volunteers. Of which we have 50 people. I also wish to thank all of the individuals, groups, organisations and most of all our partners who give to the project and many on a regular basis. We do however continue to need more donations of non perishable foods, we always have a need for canned meats, cereal, jams and tea and coffee. Thank you for your ongoing support’. We are pleased to say we have provide a level of food provision for over 150 needy people per month.

We have been able to also offer places for cooking skills classes and a range of advice and support from housing to Debt advice. We are here as part of the community and for the community. The Chair of Blacktree and Upfield Community Food Plus Project, and local councillor for Blacktree Ward.

The project takes place every Thursday from 7pm – 8.30pm at Blacktree Lane Christian Centre. There are approximately 50 volunteers who enjoy serving and offering their support to the community. We need ongoing support with donations of food. If you feel you can help in some way please contact us.

The Blacktree and Upfield Community Food + Project provides a lifeline for many in our community who are suffering real hardship. The fact that so many people struggle to put food on the table in 21st century London is a tragic reminder of how unequal and divided our city can be. The response of volunteers, churches and community organisations is inspiring though and one of the very best examples is the Blacktree and Upfield Community Food + Project.

I applaud the hard work of everyone involved in setting up and running the project and know that it provides vital support to many who are in desperate need.